Burial vs. Cremation

When it comes to providing proper acknowledgement to the dead, there is no doubt that people really give high regards to them, especially when it comes to their loved ones. There can be two reasons for this: one is maybe because there is this certain need to provide for their last “human” experience on earth, and another is that maybe doing so has really just become a prescribed tradition for the human race. However, whatever the reason, it can’t also be denied how people over the years haven’t forgotten this practice and even developed new ways in treating their dead.

As years passed by, people started to explore more possibilities and discovered alternative ways in doing such practices. One of them is cremation, which garnered popularity among the modern people as time evolved. But why is this so? What makes the people prefer cremating bodies more than the traditional burial services? The following are some of the reasons why it’s better to choose cremation over the traditional burial services nowadays.

1. Cost

Cremating dead bodies costs a lot less than the traditional burial of the dead. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) says that the average cost of a funeral service in America costs roughly $7,000, while the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) claims that the average cost of cremating dead bodies is only roughly $2,000. Both estimates include the basic materials needed, like caskets and urns. However, the estimate for a funeral service does not include the cemetery plot or the gravestone yet.

2. Hygiene

CremationBecause burying a body is more natural than cremation, the proliferation of bacteria and germs from a dead body is hard to prevent—even with the presence of Formaldehyde. In contrast, because cremating a body involves machineries and modern technologies to speed up the decomposing of a dead human body, bacteria proliferation is reduced.

3. Space

Traditional funeral services includes burying of the body into land plots. A statistic in 2006 stated that about 150,000 people in the world die everyday. If all these dead bodies are laid down in cemeteries, they would take up most of the space in the world and perhaps compromise the space that could have been utilized better by the living.

By cremating the dead bodies, on the other hand, the remains took up less space by being small enough to fit in an urn or to be scattered across the globe. These, by the way, are also not unhygienic because the incineration already took away all the harmful chemicals from what used to be the human body.

4. Environment

The main argument for this is that cremating dead bodies is better for the environment because it does not use chemicals such as Formaldehyde like the traditional funeral and burial services do. The process also uses natural gas in the incineration, which is not really that harmful to the environment—especially if it’s used through a high-end machinery that can regulate the use of chemicals. Moreover, compared to traditional funeral and burial services, cremating bodies does not utilize land use.

5. Simple

Lastly, cremation can be preferred over burial for simplification reasons. Cremating bodies does not require long preparation unlike the traditional funeral and burial services. It does not need a large space or a fancy casket. It does not require beautification of the dead like embalming and make-up application. However, despite all these things, cremating bodies still achieves the thing that burial services do, and that is to give the people who are left behind a thing to cling on to, and a proper send-off to the ones who already have passed away.

Testing and Standards of Golf Balls

You might not be aware of it but there is actually a wide variety of golf balls available in the market. Not all of these balls are made the same way. They can be covered in plastic, come with a core composed of three distinct materials, or have 400 dimples on its outer layer. Some may even fly higher or travel farther. They can come in hues of white, yellow, red, and blue.

Golf ballsBut in spite of the differences, all of them go through the same tests and processes. There are actually standards in the production of these balls. A company cannot just go ahead and skip the national golfing association on this one. This is because alterations to the norm or standard can turn out to be a case of cheating.

Before a golf ball is manufactured and sold in the market, here are the specifications that the design has to meet.


The rules state that a golf ball must not weigh above 1.62 ounces. No matter the type of material used for its core, it must not exceed this weight. There is, however, no rule as to what the minimum weight requirement is. Manufacturers can make balls as light as they want, as long as they conform to the other standards.


The minimum diameter that any golf balls must conform to is 1.68 inches. The size is measured by a metal ring gauge. The rules, however, do not indicate a maximum size. It states that, as long as the ball follows the other requirements, the manufacturer can develop it as large as they want.

Spherical Symmetry

Symmetrical behaviour is the only purpose of this rule.

Initial Velocity

This is tested via the golfing association’s equipment. It is designed to limit the speed that the ball travels once it is hit by the clubface.

Overall Distance Standard

This rule was put into place to limit the carry and roll distance. The current requirement involves an overall distance of 320 yards, plus a three yard rolling tolerance).

Aside from these, there are also other rules concerning these balls on the golfing association’s set of books.

One such rule states that manufacturers must submit golf balls for testing and sampling before proceeding with production. The five points above are tested to satisfy this rule. The manufacturer must submit twenty four samples of each model to obtain a conformance ruling. Balls which conform to the standards are added on a list updated by the golfing association every month. They remain on the list for a year, unless violations were found.

The golfing association may also conduct random tests to ensure that all golf balls conform to the rules and regulations. If found wanting, the ball type will be removed from the list.

The List of Conforming Golf Balls may also be used in competitions involving professional players. Golfers who do not use the balls from this list may be penalized and disqualified from the competition. But if the competition’s rule book does not include this clause, it is assumed that the player has used a ball approved by the golfing association, unless there is strong evidence to combat this conclusion.

Lastly, identification marks and any foreign material applications made on the ball are also included in the golfing association’s rule book. Anything applied on the ball that will cause its movement to be affected is automatically prohibited. Identification marks applied with a felt-tip pen are generally accepted and a player can put as many marks as he or she desires, as long as the original markings of the ball can still be defined.

Similar to golf clubs, which are measured for weight and material, these balls also go through rigorous testing. They are not just manufactured. They are also tested thoroughly.

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Tips In Buying Military Coins

military coinsA typical challenge coin is around 1 to 2 inches in diameter. If you think about it, that is not really big but you can actually tell the store to make yours a little bit bigger or thicker perhaps. For sure, you can find shops out there that do custom minting. The nice thing about going for customization services is that you can determine the coin’s design, size, and color, as well as the type of materials to use in minting.

Of Designs and Conversations

Do keep in mind that most companies that manufacture coins have their own in-house design specialists. Given their vast knowledge and experience, they can suggest a few things that can help make the coin much better when it is done. With this, it is very important that you are able to find a good store. It would be much better though if you can find a local shop so that it will be easy for you to go there and talk to the owner. Well, if you’re going the online route, just make sure that the company you’d choose is known for excellent customer service.

Specifications and Instructions

The thickness can also be increased but most military coins are neither too thick nor too thin. Make sure that you know the kind of coins that you are looking for. It is very important that you know the specifications because you will be telling these to the sales personnel. He can’t possibly determine the coins you are looking if he has a hard time deciphering what it is exactly that you want. If you are getting specific coins minted just for you, being able to lay down the details of the design, along with other features that you want, affects the outcome of the work. If the instructions are not clear, don’t expect to receive the right product.

On Remarkable Design Ideas

If you are not familiar with the designs of military coins, you can try looking those up on the internet. Some stores have websites that their customers can access. If they don’t provide photos of their designs, ask for samples. Still, know that some shops won’t send you samples as they’re worried about having their designs copied by their competitors. They would suggest instead that you go to their office so they can show you their portfolio. Visiting can also be a good idea because then you will have an opportunity to talk to the designer personally, making it easier to ask particular questions and to get some clarifications. It’s a lot different when you are inside the office speaking to the person in charge of the design, although collaborating through email still gets the job done.

All about Reputation and Reviews

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing among the many coin manufacturers. One is reputation. It is very important that you deal with someone reputable if you want quality service done. Find out the usual turnaround time. When the mint says that they can complete the job in say two weeks, then your military coins should be ready by then. Also, read some reviews. If you find hints of delays in the delivery of work, cross the company out from your list of prospects.

A Uniquely Special Present

Military coins can be a good gift idea given their intricate design. Of course, you don’t gift someone with these coins if you have not the slightest idea if he will like it. As much as possible, you want to gift someone with something that he likes or have been wanting to own. If you know someone who are into collecting military coins, you can give him some challenge coins. Choose uniquely designed challenge coins. If you can find out about the designs that he already has, that would be good to avoid giving duplicates.

Consider these tips and surely, your coin-buying pursuits will end in success – no matter your goal in acquiring such collectibles.

How live chat agents help

agentsSales agents are the company’s representatives whenever they meet customers and try to sell their products. They are usually out of the office in order to expand their company’s clientele or in order to convince more people to buy their products. However, even if they are out of the office most of the time, they still have some paperwork and reports to submit to some people who are in the office.

It would be a little inconvenient for sales agents to keep coming to and fro the office. They should be out in the field in order to gain more customers and more sales. Moreover, if client appointments are an hour or two apart, it would be a little dangerous to go back to the office just to write or submit a report. They just might get stuck in the traffic and be late on the set time and eventually lose one big client.

A solution is therefore made for these types of businesses and that is live chat. Live chat is a very convenient tool for communication. Real-time talk and discussion can be made between sales agent and the company. Through live chat, one can also send and receive reports. The need to keep coming back to the office in between appointments is then eliminated. If he also needs some help during his stay on the field, it would be very easy to contact people from the company through live chat agents. If you might be thinking that there are phone calls in case something happens, live chat is much better than calls. First, they are free since it is an online application. And second, one can contact more than one person at the same time through live chat.

aroundLive chat is not only useful within the company. It is also a great and convenient way to talk to clients. It would be more advantageous for clients because they no longer need to leave the comfort of their own homes or their set appointments can be lessened. They can contact sales agents or live chat agents in customer support anytime or whenever they suddenly felt free from finishing a job. In this way, sales agents do not have to disturb their client’s work and processes. And if a problem arises from the product or from using the product, they can contact the agent immediately.

Some live chat applications that are available today even use GPS satellites to track people’s locations. If one client contacts live chat agents due to a product error, he will be informed immediately about the customer’s location. He can then inform a sales agent near the area to pass by. The client’s problem will be solved immediately and no further incident will happen. The client will be greatly satisfied about the company’s services and just may put his trust and loyalty to you. He will keep coming back and just might bring some friends and family some time soon.

thesepretty Live chat is not only helpful among sales agents and other company representatives. It is also useful among supervisors, directors, and managers who are in the office. They can keep track with the progress of sales agents through reports submitted in the chat. They can give orders and instructions, even though they are far apart, through live chat agents. And here’s something new, they can track down the sales agents’ locations through the GPS mentioned previously. With this, they can give more appropriate instructions and probably set some important appointments with big clients around the agents’ area.

In these recent years, live chat has started to change how the people handle business. Through live chat, it has been faster, more efficient and convenient for both company and client.