Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Be GREEN!



Visiting the Sonoma Wine Country brings a plethora of delights to our senses –

Bountiful options of food and wine as well as gorgeous surroundings provide a sensory experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

But did you ever consider that your next voyage to wine country could also be a sustainable culinary experience?

Experiencing food and wine in Sonoma is all about indulgence, while remembering to be healthy and ecologically conscious.  A sustainable culinary experience in Sonoma can range from the food and wine ingredients themselves to the way they are made and the waste generated in the process. Needless to say, there are many choices when it comes to sustainable consumption. Whether you’re staying with us at Greystone Estate or just passing through for the day, definitely take the time to enjoy an afternoon of sustainable wining and dining! Here are some suggestions …

1. Visit The Vineyards Inn located in Kenwood. The Vineyards Inn is known for using the freshest organic and local ingredients in the area, as well as offering a wide selection of vegan and gluten free entrees (view full menu here). The Vineyards Inn is also making strides towards zero waste by serving wine on tap. Providing wine on tap reduces the bottling, printing, and shipping waste normally created from traditional wine procurement practices. The restaurant works with local wineries to receive the wine in kegs that hook up to the tapping system. Pretty neat! But this doesn’t mean you can only order by the glass; you can still order a bottle of wine! If a bottle of wine is desired, the wine will come to your table in a reused, elegant tequila bottle, which provides a beautiful and unique presentation!

2. Stop by Benziger Winery located in nearby Glen Ellen. Visit their estate winery and tasting rooms for a deliciously green wine tasting experience! Benziger Winery has made a huge effort in sustainable winemaking and is a certified Biodynamic vintner (read more about Benziger’s sustainable wine growing practices here). Their newest additions to their vineyards are sheep, who are not only cute, but they also aid in the biodynamic farming process.

3. If you’re up for more wine tasting, head up Highway 12 to St. Francis Winery, where great strides are being made in green winemaking. St. Francis has energy efficiency and water conservation programs for their winery, and is using ECO Series ™ wine bottles that are made with 50% or more recycled glass content – Pretty Amazing! (to learn more about green practices at St. Francis, click here).

So come to Sonoma – eat, drink, be merry AND green on your next visit to Wine Country!


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  1. WINE ON TAP!!! What?!? Looks like I finally have a reason to get a keg-orator. You can have his and hers taps. Love it. Looks like a beautiful vineyard and just a plus that its sustainable!


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